SEC Notice Rumors Spark 10% Drop in Lido (LDO) Token Prices

Rumors of SEC Notice Cause Lido (LDO) Token Prices to Drop

• On Saturday, the value of Lido’s LDO token dropped by 10% on speculation that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had issued a Wells Notice to the biggest Ethereum staking provider.
• David Hoffman of the Bankless crypto podcast initially reported that Lido and other crypto projects had been issued with Wells Notices but walked back his statement later.
• If reports are accurate, the SEC may be increasing its investigation into Ethereum and cryptocurrency staking.

What is a Wells Notice?

A Wells Notice is a letter from the SEC outlining potential charges that might be filed against the receiver. It is sent as part of an investigation by the regulator into certain activities in order to determine whether or not they violate securities laws.

David Hoffman’s Retraction

David Hoffman of the Bankless crypto podcast initially said he’d heard rumors that many projects had been issued with Wells Notices but later retracted this statement saying „there have apparently been rumours of Lido being caught in the crosshairs of Gary The Destroyer,“ referring to SEC Commissioner Gary Gensler who has become famous for his negative stance toward cryptocurrencies. He also said „members of the Lido team have reached out to me and said that this is false.“

Lido DAO Involvement

The staking service which was allegedly receiving a notice is run by the Lido DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). This means it is run by a loose confederation of people who possess LDO tokens in Lido and make decisions without a central authority – making it difficult for regulators like the SEC to communicate directly with them about any potential issues or investigations.


It remains unclear if these reports are accurate or not, although many investors seem worried enough about them to cause prices to drop significantly in response. Investors should keep an eye out for further news as more information could soon come out regarding this story as well as how other projects may be affected by increased scrutiny from regulators like the SEC.