NFTs for Free: Limit Break Revolutionizes Online Gaming with Super Bowl Commercial

7. Februar 2023 // von admin

• Limit Break, a blockchain-based Web 3 company, will be airing an interactive advertisement during Super Bowl LVII on February 12.
• The advertisement will give away thousands of the company’s Dragon series NFTs for free – a radical departure from the traditional NFT model.
• These tokens can be used to enhance the player experience in Web3 games like “Castaways” and “Ether Orcs”.

Limit Break to Give Away Thousands of NFTs During Super Bowl LVII

Limit Break, a blockchain-based Web 3 company and pioneer of free-to-own NFT model, will give away thousands of its Dragon series NFTs via an interactive advertisement that will air during Super Bowl LVII on February 12. This new approach marks a radical departure from the previous generation of NFT projects, which often charge thousands of dollars for digital collectibles instead of giving them away for free. Instead, DigiDaigaku provides tens of thousands of free NFT tokens, gamers own outright without the aftertaste of false promises and puffery.

NFT Tokens to Enhance Player Experience in Web3 Games

These tokens can be used to enhance the player experience in Web3 games – like Limit Break collaborator games „Castaways“ and „Ether Orcs“. This new blockchain gaming model is poised to revolutionize the industry by giving players access to more game features than ever before while also providing users with ownership over their assets. Mr. Leydon was CEO of Machine Zone in 2016, when it spun off Game Of War: Fire Age – one of mobile gaming’s most successful titles since then.

Free-To-Own Model Revolutionizing Industry

Limit Break has been giving away free NFT assets for months among a growing legion of fans in advance of this coming Super Bowl giveaway. The giveaways mark a shift in how customers view digital collectibles as now they are seen as something that can be owned rather than bought or sold or promised down the line as part payment for future products never delivered. Limit Break’s free-to-own model is literally game changing and these asset releases are key moments building up anticipation ahead of their upcoming commercial during Super Bowl LVII.

Mobile Gaming Industry Growing Rapidly

Mobile gaming is a $300-billion industry worldwide – far larger than television, movies and music combined –and Limit Break expects to grow a massive global audience with its interactive advertising campaign at this year’s Super Bowl broadcast on February 12th . Founded just two years ago (in 2021) they have already raised $200 million in funding demonstrating investor confidence that they can grow their user base exponentially through innovative marketing techniques such as this one during next week’s football extravaganza!


To sum up; Limit Break is pioneering an entirely new way forward for online gaming with its revolutionary ‚free-to own‘ model which gives gamers access to premium content without having to spend any money upfront or make promises about future products which may not materialize – all while opening up ownership opportunities unavailable before now within web3 gaming environments such as Castaways & Ether Orcs! With hundreds millions invested already & plans for an interactive ad at next week’s super bowl; we could well be witnessing history being made!

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