Create Web3 Dapp in 4 Minutes with Alchemy’s New CW3D Platform

• Alchemy announces the launch of their Dapp Building Tool for Web3.
• The tool is open-source and aims to increase interest in decentralized technologies.
• It only takes four minutes for developers to create a Dapp from scratch.

Alchemy Launches Dapp Building Tool For Web3

Alchemy recently announced the launch of their Create Web3 Dapp (CW3D) platform, an open-source project which intends to increase interest in decentralized technologies. Elan Halpern, Product Manager at Alchemy, stated that their mission and vision is to bring blockchain or Web3 to a billion people by empowering developers. With CW3D, developers can create a dApp from scratch within four minutes.

Background on Alchemy

Alchemy is a blockchain software development business which launched in 2017. They have apps available for Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimist with plans to add support for Solana in the future. In October 2021 they secured $250 million in Series C investment and then in August 2022 purchased the Ethereum coding platform Chainshot.

Spearmint NFT Allowlist Platform

In November 2020 Alchemy launched Spearmint, a NFT allowlist platform for Ethereum layer-2 initiatives which allowed users to make an allowlist within 10 minutes. This was followed up with CW3D which has significantly reduced this time frame down to just four minutes for developers creating dApps from scratch.

Overall Goal: To Reach A Billion People

Halpern explained that there needs to be products that people are excited about using if they want her grandmother (or anyone else) to be able to use a Web3 application – and this starts with inspiring programmers so they can build these useful things out of decentralized technology. Their overall goal is therefore quite ambitious – they want Web3 accessible by one billion people worldwide!


Alchemy’s new CW3D platform is expected to further increase interest in decentralized technologies among developers by reducing the time it takes them to create dApps from scratch while simultaneously setting out on an ambitious mission of bringing blockchain or Web3 technology accessibly by one billion people globally!