Blur NFT Marketplace Soars 273.22%, Claims 337M Airdrop Tokens!

• Blur is a new NFT marketplace that has gained significant attention after its airdrops on February 14th.
• The platform has surged 273.22% in terms of volume over the last 7 days, surpassing the NFT marketplace giant OpenSea.
• Blur has been listed by DappRadar as the number one marketplace in terms of volume, with $98.07 million in total trade within the last 24 hours.

Overview of Blur NFT Marketplace

Recently posted on February 20, 2023 (February 20, 2023), 11:20 am by Pavithra 8 hours ago | 2 mins read NFT News, BLUR airdrop claim is so far 337,814,207 tokens in total 360M. The platform surged 273.22% in terms of volume over the last 7 days and its native token gained substantial popularity after its airdrops on the 14th of February.

Airdrop Program for BLUR Token

The platform is processing the airdrops in multiple phases before the actual launch of the token. As per official blogs from Blur, three rounds of airdrops were defined for particular sets of community – initial supporters received first airdrop; active traders received second set; and traders who bid on ecosystem received final round. At present time, 2nd round airdrop claim is 337,814,207 BLUR tokens from total allocation of 360 million and with 54 days left more for ending this process 93.84% tokens have already been claimed.

Boost to Blur Marketplace

In recent weeks, Blur has been surpassing OpenSea as data aggregator DappRadar listed it as number one marketplace in terms of volume and with $98.07 million total trade within last 24 hours . This setback pushed OpenSea to revise its technical functionalities to gain back migrating customers through royalty program and enhanced attributes allowing creators list their artworks only at specific marketplaces . Though there are few suspicious activities recorded indicating wash trading on these platforms but distance between average price and traders is minimal making community believe that it can overshadow others .

Suspicious Activities Detected

Few suspicious activities are also on record indicating wash trading of NFTs on Blur platform though top average price & traders are different from other marketplaces yet difference was very minimal


Within short span of time since claiming its airdrop ,Blur has outperformed other competitors by gaining top position according to latest report by DappRadar but still suspicious activities need to be monitored closely & carefully while considering it’s potentiality to overtake others .