Bitcoin white paper hosted on government sites in Estonia and Colombia

27. Januar 2021 // von admin

Bitcoin Community Won’t Let It Go – Australian Craig Wright angered much of the cryptocurrency community, claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The man subsequently put pressure on various sites to remove the Bitcoin white paper. Today, the community is responding.

The man who doubted nothing

Craig Wright tried to use alleged copyright to threaten 5 websites that hosted Bitcoin Era white paper. These accusations mainly targeted , as well as .

The letters were sent in accordance with English rules of civil procedure , “Pre-Action Protocol for intellectual property claims” . Warnings of this type are usually used to inform a person that legal proceedings may be initiated against them imminently if they do not end the violation mentioned in this type of mail. More specifically, Wright informed the parties that he had not consented to the bitcoin white paper, supposedly belonging to him – according to him alone … all by himself – to be released publicly.

Wright subsequently attacked the Square company directly, with the same modus operandi . The objective was, once again, to put pressure on the company to remove the white paper on its site. This decision seems a tad paradoxical insofar as Square Crypto is working on the development of open source projects for BTC and the Lightning Network. In addition, the company provides grants to developers and organizations dedicated to Bitcoin.

Governments on the front lines

Two „official“ websites , owned by foreign governments , have joined the growing number of forums supporting the Bitcoi white paper and its free circulation . The Estonia , for example, said:

“We are happy to keep the original white paper on our website to inspire future innovators looking to understand how to use blockchain technology. “

Soon after, Colombia followed suit. Presidential Advisor Jehudhi responded to Estonia’s decision by tweeting a link to the Bitcoin white paper, also hosted on his government’s website.

In addition, since 2018, a copy of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper is also hidden on the website of the US Sentencing Commission .

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